The responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding team consists of highly specialized Sub Sahara African and international power project developers, engineers, infrastructure investment professionals, ESG and impact specialists and Technical Assistance experts with extensive experience in developing and financing hydro, wind, and solar power projects worldwide and particularly in Africa.

Because of its local presence and international background, the team has access to a wide network of local and international developers, multilateral organizations, development finance institutions (DFIs) and government officials. This network allows responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding to gather local intelligence and play an active role locally to make sure its projects are bankable.

The responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding team is actively supported by responsAbility Investments AG’s specialists in its Zurich headquarters, as well as the responsAbility regional offices, in matters such as backoffice support, relationship management and fundraising.

Chris Bale

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is CEO of rAREH. His remit is to continue the expansion and development of the business as it focuses on small-medium scale renewable power projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. He was previously CEO Energy with the Honeywell Group in Nigeria and served for a period as CEO of Maji Power, Berkeley Energy’s Ugandan business. He has a broad range of experience from over 30 years of working in the energy sector.

"We have a wonderful team that ranges from experts with significant experience to relatively young professionals. A significant portion of these young talents are African. By working in this combination, we are developing the skills on the continent which will continue to help build the renewable energy industry in Africa."

Lucy Nyoike

Executive Assistant

Social Science Graduate with over 10 years’ experience in Administration, Executive Management, Project Management, Logistics, Finance and Communication.


Wilfred van den Bos

Investment Director

12 years project finance and investment experience in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.
Prior to rAREH, he worked at FMO where he has been responsible for mobilizing USD 1 billion+ of senior- and subordinated debt for more than 32 (renewable) energy projects.

Ndolo Maliti

Senior Legal Counsel

An energy and corporate lawyer, with a pan-African experience spanning over ten countries. Prior to joining rAREH, he was Legal Counsel responsible for the energy business at Great Lakes Africa Energy and prior to that, he was part of the energy & infrastructure team at Iseme, Kamau & Maema Advocates. Ndolo has worked on energy projects utilizing all forms of technology including geothermal, HFO, gas, coal, hydro, wind and solar.

Daniel Kimani

Investment Associate

Investment professional with 2 years consulting experience and 1 year investing experience in Africa.

Brian Kimani

Investment Analyst

Investment professional with over 6 years consulting experience in project management, corporate finance and data analysis at Deloitte East Africa and UN Habitat.


Victor Mallet

Senior Project Developer

10 years experience in power project development in West and Southern Africa, both in thermal and renewable technologies.

Sarah Gatuka

Project Developer

Government relations professional with 8 years’ experience in the oil and energy industry in East Africa. Skilled in Public Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Governmental Affairs.

Victor Okinda

Project Developer

An electrical engineer and power project developer with over 6 years’ experience working in sub Saharan Africa. Skilled in project management, risk assessment and allocation, contract management and procurement.

Bernard Omuyoma

Project Developer

Electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience as a project management professional.


Solomon Njonjo

Finance Director

Finance professional with 11 years’ experience in the energy sector working with multinational corporates within East Africa Region.

Brenda Muchomba

Senior Financial Accountant

Finance professional with 5 years of experience in financial reporting and audit.

Linet Wanjiru

Project Accountant

Accounting professional with 7 years’ experience in maintaining financial records, managing budgets and cashflows, risk assessment, variance analysis and financial and management accounting.


Ian Griffiths

Head of Project Implementation

19 years of experience in the development, construction and operation renewable energy assets in Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Jerry Owuonda

Health and Safety Officer and Hydrologist

Over 6 years of working experience in the fields of hydrology, environment, health & safety and the investigation and analysis/resource assessment of potential solar/hydro-power plants.


Jagath Navinda

Senior Engineer

22 years of experience in civil engineering in the energy sector in East Africa as a site engineer, civil engineer, and project and construction manager in particular of hydropower plants.

Graeme Watson

Senior Engineer

41 years of experience in civil engineering, primarily within East Africa infrastructure development projects.


Bonny Munihizi

Operations and Maintenance Associate

Electrical engineering professional with 10 years’ experience in operation and maintenance of hydropower plants.

John Ndegwa

Mechanical Engineer

Certified Energy Manager and Certified Carbon Reduction Manager with over 10 years experience in the energy sector having been involved in energy research, project management and renewable energy operations in Africa and the UK.


Paul Ombai

Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

17 years of experience in working with local communities to engage their buy-in to potentially disruptive projects.

Hanningtone Mwaluma

Environmental & Social Implementation officer

Environmentalist with over 7 years  of working experience in infrastructure development projects in Kenya.

Valerie Osodo

Environmental and Social Implementation Associate

Environmental expert with 2 years of experience.

Peris Suka

Environmental and Social Implementation Associate

Communication and administrative professional with 5 years of experience in the banking industry in East and West Africa, and 4 years of experience in the energy sector.

Technical Assistance

Eva Tschannen

Head of Technical Assistance

More than 10 years’ experience in project management and technical assistance in the public and private development sectors.

Marian Grabowski

Technical Assistance Officer

More than 5 years of relevant experience in the fields of technical assistance and development investments.

Taylla Scapim

Technical Assistance Officer

More than 4 years of experience in project management and cleantech assessment.