New Africa Power to develop hydro projects in Zambia

Participation in newly incorporated joint venture

responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding, Norfund and Vineyard have teamed up to incorporate New Africa Power. The new energy joint venture plans to develop a 65 MW portfolio of small-scale run-of-the-river hydropower projects in Zambia.

Zambia is among the least developed countries in the world when it comes to electricity supply: Currently, only 25% of the urban and 3% of the rural population have access to electricity.

The Zambian government is committed to improve energy access for the Zambian population while at the same time ensuring the sustainable supply of affordable electricity to power its economy, especially the mining sector. A recently announced renewable energy feed in tariff (REFIT) programme is designed to help achieve this objective.

Nairobi-based responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding has teamed up with international finance institution Norfund and investment company Vineyard to create a new joint venture company, New Africa Power. Jointly managed by responsAbility and South Africa-based REH Project Development, the company plans to exploit the country’s significant untapped hydropower resources by developing a 65 MW portfolio of small-scale run-of-the-river hydropower projects in Zambia.

New Africa Power has committed USD 4.6 million for the feasibility phase of the development, which is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2018. New Power Africa has already finalized an intensive site reconnaissance, hydrological assessments as well as initial socio and environmental impact assessments.

In a next step, New Power Africa will develop the projects for submission under the renewable energy feed in tariff programme, thereby ensuring alignment with the government’s economic and social development programmes.

The development activities will be implemented by contracted specialist service providers including responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding and REH Project Development (South Africa) as project managers and Aurecon Consulting Engineers as technical consultants. Construction on the first power plant is expected to start from 2020.

Kjell Roland, CEO at Norfund, said: “Increased access to energy is crucial for development and poverty reduction. Investing in clean energy projects is therefore of high priority for Norfund. Our experience is that successful clean energy projects are depended on well-prepared and agreed private public partnership. We appreciate that this is now in place for this project on hydropower generation in Zambia.”

Joseph Nganga, Executive Director for responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding, explained: “This is a perfect example of how we are working closely with experienced developers such as REH and like-minded investors such as Norfund to support governments in Africa to meet their countries’ energy needs.”


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responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding aims to increase the renewable energy supply in sub-Saharan Africa at reasonable tariffs. The company invests in and co-develops small and medium sized renewable energy projects up to 50 MW at various stages of the project life cycle with particular focus on the development stage.

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The Norwegian Fund for Investment in Developing Countries (Norfund) is Norway’s Development Finance Institution and has a mandate to support the building of sustainable businesses in developing countries and thereby contribute to economic and social development.

Norfund is a strategic minority investor that is wholly owned and funded by the Norwegian Government. It has a committed portfolio of USD 2.1 billion. Clean energy is one of the three investment sectors with its geographical focus primarily in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Vineyard is a special purpose vehicle (SPV), investment holding company registered in the Isle of Man. Vineyard will invest in the development and ownership of energy projects in sub Sahara Africa.

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